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Nick works with many entrepreneurs to optimise their own tax affairs and those of their businesses and families. He is a Chartered Tax Adviser and Fellow of the Association of Tax.

Nick has over 15 year's experience working in tax, having qualified with a 'top ten' firm of accountants. Nick also draws his experience from time spent working in a local tax office for HMRC. As well as dealing with day to day matters, Nick has extensive experience managing one-off tax projects and HMRC investigations on behalf of Wisteria's clients.

Alongside his tax qualifications, Nick has an Economics degree from University College London and a Certificate in Probate and Estate Administration.

Nick has an Economics degree from University College London.

Nick specialises in International Tax, Probate Services, Property and Tax Planning.


  • Tax Consultancy
  • Tax Investigations
  • Property Tax
  • International Tax

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