Nick Tagg



Nick works with many entrepreneurs to optimise their own tax affairs and those of their businesses and families. He is a Chartered Tax Adviser and Fellow of the Association of Tax Technicians. As well as working to help clients with their tax affairs, Nick also oversees the running of the Business Information Team, helping businesses to outsource their entire finance function successfully.

Nick has over 18 years’ experience, having qualified with a 'top ten' firm of accountants. Nick also draws his experience from time spent working in a local tax office for HMRC. As well as dealing with day-to-day matters, Nick has extensive experience managing one-off tax projects and HMRC investigations on behalf of Wisteria's clients.

Alongside his tax qualifications, Nick has an Economics degree from University College London and a Certificate in Probate and Estate Administration.

What led you to pursue a career in your current role, and how did you get started in the field?

I always loved problem solving and applying my logical approach to difficult circumstances. Coupled with my strong numerical skills, tax seemed to totally fit the bill and I started my career to train as a tax adviser. My current role includes plenty of that, but a much wider commercial approach to supporting clients with their challenges and planning.

What do you enjoy most about your job, and what do you find most challenging?

Making a difference every day, both for the benefit of our clients or our team. Every day is different and every day I can support someone to take a step forward.

What do you believe are the most important qualities for success in your current role, and how do you strive to embody those qualities in your work?

Being able to understand the priorities of each client, their approach, requirements and pain points helps me to provide a commercial solution that is exactly what the client is looking for. That means as well as knowing my field, I have to get on with clients, build relationships for life and support them to also determine what is most important to them.

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