Non-Domicile & International Tax Advice

Over the last few years, the tax rules covering non-UK domiciled individuals and those with international income sources have become more and more complex. Join Wisteria as we help you understand what this could mean for you.

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Non-Domicile & International Tax Advice at Wisteria

We know that your tax affairs are complex, and you need regular advice delivered in a way that is easy to follow. That’s why we want to meet with you regularly, to keep us up to date on your affairs so we can provide accurate advice.

  • We work with clients with a range of international issues including:

  • Residency and domicile issues

  • Remittance basis advice

  • Dealing with a tax enquiry on international issues

  • Capital gains tax planning for non-resident landlords

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Our Understanding

If you’re in receipt of any offshore income and gains, you need to take great care when it comes to non-domicile and international tax regulations.

The key to staying on top of these changes is regular advice, which is provided in a clear, straightforward way.

Wisteria’s experienced team of tax specialists are here to help you deal with international tax issues. Our services extend to UK and non-UK residents. We will work alongside your other advisers outside the UK, ensuring you have an efficient solution.