Professional Statutory Audit Services for US Groups with UK Businesses

Audits often feel laborious and time-consuming, especially for American companies with UK subsidiaries, distracting you from your core business activities. But at Wisteria, we see things differently. 

As regulated auditors with extensive experience working with American businesses, we specialise in making the auditing process smooth and efficient. Our services are designed specifically for US firms operating in the UK, ensuring that your financial reporting is accurate and reliable, meeting required accounting standards.

If your UK-based company is part of a larger group, you may need a UK audit for any UK subsidiaries, regardless of size. Contact Wisteria today for accurate and efficient financial reporting for your business with UK subsidiaries.

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Why Choose Wisteria for Your UK Audit Needs?

Expanding your American company into the UK comes with unique challenges, particularly ensuring accurate and reliable financial reporting. It's not just about meeting global auditing requirements—it's also about maintaining stakeholder trust.  Using large firms of auditors with an international presence limits choice to a relatively small number of firms at often significantly higher cost.

We understand the frustrations that can accompany the audit process. With Wisteria, you can leave those frustrations behind. Our team of Chartered Accountants—equivalent to your CPAs in the US—are experts in UK accounting standards. 

Regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), we provide assurance that your business is in more than capable hands.

Statutory Audits:

Respecting the regulatory structures in the UK is essential. By ensuring that your company complies with these regulations, our statutory audit services improve financial integrity. In addition to adding value, it might help you gain the confidence of stakeholders, investors, and customers.

Non-Statutory Audits:

Beyond compliance, our non-statutory audits provide valuable insights into your operational efficiency and financial performance, helping identify opportunities for improvement and growth.

Audit of Client Money/CASS:

For businesses handling client funds, our CASS/client money audits ensure compliance with UK regulations, safeguarding assets and maintaining transparent financial practices.

Independent Assurance Reports:

Our independent assurance reports offer reliable assessments of your financial information, boosting trust among stakeholders and ensuring adherence to all relevant rules and regulations.

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How do we begin using Wisteria for our audit of UK market entry?

Please use our website or get in touch with us directly to start the process of performing an audit for your US company entering the UK market. Our staff will be pleased to talk through your demands and create a solution that truly satisfies them.

FAQs for US Companies Looking to Get UK Audits:

Why is an audit necessary for American business starting in the UK?

Establishing trust and credibility in the UK market requires demonstrating your financial integrity to stakeholders, which is why an audit guarantees compliance with UK regulatory frameworks.  You may be legally required to undertake an audit under UK rules, or it may be that being part of a larger international group, you need a UK subsidiary to be audited as part of year end assurance work.

What credentials does Wisteria Accountants need in order to audit US businesses who have launched in the UK?

A prominent accounting business with headquarters in the UK, Wisteria is a part of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). This certification guarantees that we have the knowledge and standards essential for UK accounting practice.

What are the advantages of working with Wisteria on our audit of UK market entry?

Our complete understanding of UK legislation and industry peculiarities enables us to provide customised audit solutions that effectively assist US organizations with the transition. Our proficiency confirms adherence to legal mandates while optimising prospects for expansion and accomplishment.

What kinds of audits does Wisteria provide to US companies looking to expand into the UK market?

In addition to statutory and non-statutory audits, service charge audits, CASS/client money audits, and independent assurance reports, we also offer a variety of audit services. Every service is customised to match the requirements and goals of US companies entering the UK market.

How can Wisteria guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of our auditing process?

Wisteria places a high value on teamwork and efficient communication to reduce interference with your company's daily operations. To make sure our clients have an effective audit process, we establish precise goals, decide on reasonable deadlines, and give regular updates.  Travel is no problem for us either, and if coming to the US makes the process easier for you, we can do that with no issue.

What effect will Brexit have on our need for an audit in order to join the UK market?

The regulatory environment in the UK has changed as a result of Brexit, and our team at Wisteria keeps up with these changes to guarantee compliance for our clients. We provide solutions catered to your business needs and offer help on overcoming any Brexit-related ramifications.