Non-Resident Landlord Tax Returns

If you’re considering making a worthy investment in the property market, you may find the technicalities daunting at the beginning. Contact us and we will walk you through the ins and outs of non-resident landlord tax options.

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Non-Resident Landlord Tax Returns at Wisteria

Typically, our service can include:

  • Preparing annual non-resident landlord tax returns for landlords based outside the UK

  • Ensuring landlords continue to receive rents without deduction of tax

  • Registering with the UK tax authorities

  • Advising on income and capital gains tax changes

  • Receiving statements directly from managing agents

  • Dealing with HMRC queries or enquiries

  • Dealing with corporates owning properties and ATED returns

  • Receiving payments and making tax payments from client funds, where appropriate.

  • We pride ourselves on offering a personal and professional service.

We tend to support non-residents owning between one to 10 properties, but we support a small number of landlords and groups owning up 80 properties.

For more information on our non-resident landlord tax services or any of our other accountancy services, please contact us.

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Our Understanding

Owning property in the UK has been an attractive investment over the last 20 years or so, and the number of non-resident landlords has increased significantly. This surge has been made up of a mix of former UK residents or those who have never lived in the UK but who saw the opportunity of a good investment.

Dealing with the various property tax issues is a difficulty that landlords have to contend with. What’s more, tax rules for non-resident property owners have become more complex in recent years as the property tax and capital gains tax rules have changed.

At Wisteria, we act for a large number of non-resident landlords, providing a complete tax and accountancy support service. We are qualified and regulated, and we can support you with your international tax affairs.