Payroll Services for Small Business

When you are running a small business, there are so many demands on your time, and payroll is one of those things that just can’t be put off. Getting your payroll right and on time is important to you and your employees. Let Wisteria walk you through the process.

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Small Business Payroll Services with Wisteria

Wisteria’s payroll team understands these challenges and why it is an important issues. We also know that you don’t want payroll issues to take too much of your time! Having a system that is straightforward will rule out the possibility of errors. Our payroll service for small businesses includes:

  • Building a bespoke arrangement with you to obtain the payroll information from you each month, in a way that suits you and your business.

  • Running the payroll on a time scale and a point in the month that suits you.

  • Producing payslips and relevant reports and sending them to you via our secure portal – meaning that documents are secure and protected.

  • Dealing with HMRC filings on your behalf.

For more information about our payroll services or any of our other bespoke services, contact Wisteria today.

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Our Understanding

It is important that you have an easy way of dealing with the monthly payroll requirements. This includes producing payslips and filing the relevant reports with HMRC.

At Wisteria, we have an expert team of qualified tax professionals on hand to help you cope with your payroll and any other tax issues. Our team can understand and anticipate how your payroll will interact with other factors such as the director’s personal tax, share schemes, or employee benefits.

Our payroll services for small business are charged on a fixed fee basis. So, you’ll know exactly what the cost will be upfront and how they may change as the size of your team changes.