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When is it beneficial to use a Registered Office Service?

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Many individuals are unsure as to why they may require a registered office service. Essentially, all UK companies must have a registered office address in the UK, which is stored with the Registrar of Companies and is the official address of the company. A company’s registered office can be situated in England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, dependent upon where the company is registered. It must be easy for the UK tax authorities (HMRC) and other governmental departments to contact the company and its directors at the registered office address. Additionally, correspondence must be deliverable to a company’s registered office address and upon delivery post must be dealt with in a punctual manner. As a result of these issues, a registered office cannot be located at a PO Box address. The following are some important points to consider when choosing your registered office address:
  • Upon company formation, the company’s registered office address is recorded within the Companies House database. Consequently, this address becomes freely available to the general public, which could include any dissatisfied customers or creditors searching for the location of your business
  • You are legally required to display your company’s registered office address on all business letters, order forms and on your company’s website
  • It is rare that a landlord will allow a tenant to function their business from home
  • Your mortgage may also prevent you from operating your business from home
  • If you live outside of the UK you will need an address within the UK as your registered office address
  • A professional public image is conveyed to consumers by displaying an office address, as opposed to a residential address on business correspondence
A registered office service typically will offer comprehensive postal forwarding services and will usually filter out junk mail received on behalf of the company. Some services may also come with additional benefits, for example within our registered office service, all statutory mail, including post from HMRC and Companies House, is forwarded free of charge. This means that important filing deadlines aren’t missed. A registered office service is therefore most beneficial when looking to protect your personal privacy, providing you with peace of mind that your home address is not displayed on the public register at Companies House or if you do not have a suitable alternative address to use. If you require more information with regards to registered office services, please get in touch with us.

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