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What filing obligations do I have with Companies House?

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All companies have a number of statutory filings which must be made to Companies House, including when there is a change in corporate structure and on an annual basis. This is often a role of the company secretary, however in cases where companies do not have a company secretary appointed, the directors will need to ensure this is completed. In all cases the statutory duty for the company to remain compliant lies with the directors. Some of the key obligations that directors have to fulfil with Companies House include: Annual Return Upon the anniversary of a company’s formation directors are required to submit an Annual Return to Companies House which is a snapshot of the company’s details at that point in time. It contains details about the officers and members of a company, as well as information about the registered office and share capital. Annual Accounts All companies must complete accounts, often referred to as financial statements or year-end accounts, and file them with Companies House. If the company has never traded it may be possible for them to complete dormant company accounts which contain less information than those filed for trading companies. Failure to file accounts within the company’s deadline will result in a monetary penalty which will increase according to the time it takes for the accounts to be filed. Company Details Updates Companies House should be kept up to date about any changes to the structure of the company including to the details of the directors, company secretary and registered office. They will also need to be informed of various changes to the share capital of the company, such as new share issues or subdivisions, which can also involve filing a copy of the resolution that was passed approving the change. Resolutions Some actions that the company undertakes will require the consent of the company’s members and this is shown by the members passing a resolution. Some resolutions must be filed with Companies House and in some cases will also require further documentation. For example if a company passes a resolution that amends the Articles of Association of the company, it is necessary to file both a copy of the resolution and a copy of the new Articles with Companies House. It is essential that Companies House holds up to date information about the state of affairs of your company so they must be informed of relevant changes. To ensure that your company remains compliant with the Companies Act 2006 and Companies House rules, it can be useful to appoint a professional company secretary to deal with compliance issues on your behalf. If you would like to appoint a company secretary or need any assistance with your compliance matters please contact our specialist company secretarial team.

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