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Register a Company in the UK

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There are various ways to register a company in the UK. The process to register a company in the UK can be very simple, quick and easy by using a specialist company formation agent or accountant. Since companies House now accepts applications to form a company online, a limited company can now be registered in the UK within three hours. All UK limited companies need to be registered with Companies House and the registration process is called incorporation. Most specialist formation agents now offer the service to incorporate the company online. At this stage you will need to provide details about the new company, such as the directors’ and shareholders’ names, the company’s registered office address and the share capital of the company. The formation agent will then submit your company registration application to Companies House for its incorporation. Company Formation 25 A number of important matters need to be considered while registering a company in order to comply with administrative requirements, legal and practical issues and obligations. To fulfil these requirements and obligations, consulting a business accountant or a tax consultant after the registration of your company can be beneficial to assist with understanding the company’s and director’s obligations.   Accounting, administrative and tax services can help you to ensure that all these obligations and requirements are fulfilled. A tax accountant can help to ensure that the correct and lowest amount of tax possible if paid by providing efficient financial and tax advice. Chartered Accountants can help with compliance issues and accounting services. There are a wide range of accounting services; these include filling of accounts, book-keeping, annual return and opening a bank account. Ensuring effective administration can be a burden after the company has been incorporated. To ensure that the administration runs in an efficient manner, it is generally advisable to appoint a company secretary. The company secretary is mainly responsible for the administration of a company. Company secretarial services include ensuring that proper board procedures are followed and that the company is compliant with relevant legislation and codes of conduct. Most importantly, the company secretary is the main point of contact with the shareholders.   Another important matter to register a company in the UK is opening a business account. Company formation agencies can help with this matter by referring the company being incorporated to a bank in the UK.   Various companies in the UK offer advice and help that would be beneficial before and after the company formation process. There are a number of tax accountants and business accountants in London who can be consulted for the services mentioned above.   Wisteria Chartered Accountants, Tax and Business Advisers provide a variety of services for companies and individuals.  For accounts or tax advice, information on our services or details on setting up a company if you are a UK or a non-UK resident, please contact us on 0208 952 0140 or email [email protected].

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