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Does a new company formation require its own Company Seal?

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A company seal is designed to stamp a company’s registered name and number onto a document to evidence and record that it was executed on behalf of the company.

Many new company directors at the time of their company registration purchase a company seal to enhance the look and feel of documents that are executed on behalf of the new company formation.

This is particularly common for contracts, deeds and share certificates. Currently it is not compulsory for a limited company to use a company seal on documents which previously had to be executed using a seal.

However it can be used on some documents such as formal contracts and lease agreements. Many new partners still decide to purchase a company seal when they register a company as it is seen as a traditional way for a company to “sign” or execute a document.

It also may be necessary to use a company seal when entering into a contract with a party from another country where it is traditional to use a seal.

One of the roles of a company secretary is to keep the company seal secure and maintain the register of sealed documents.

You can purchase a company seal when setting up a company on the Wisteria Formations online company formation application process. If you would like to know more about the benefits of a company seal please call our support team on 0844 893 0808.

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