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Company Formation Case Study: Derry Connell Marine (UK)

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Derry Connell Marine (UK) is a marine surveyor and technical consultancy business set up by Anthony O’Reilly. After working many years in one of the leading marine classification societies and holding a vast number of technical and managerial positions in the marine and energy sector, Anthony decided to open his own business.

“I find it more rewarding on every level to take personal responsibility for what it is I believe I have to offer. Of course, you have to take a realistic look at the downside … I have done that and I am happy to take the risk.” ~Anthony O’Reilly

Originally setup in Ireland, one of the company’s key goals is to expand and flourish in the UK.As a result, Anthony got in contact with our Company Formation’s team to open the UK branch of Derry Connell Marine.

An international company formations service

By buying our “International” package, Anthony was able to incorporate his business in two days with his company documents sent to him both electronically and by post.Furthermore, he was able to use our Wisteria address as his UK Registered Office Address. The package also granted him a consultation meeting with our tax advisers and accountancy team who provided him with both professional advice for non-residents as well as extensive guidance regarding compliance, regulatory, tax and accounting matters. Lastly, the package included the filing of the company’s first annual Confirmation Statement.

Advice for people starting their own companies

Derry Connell Marine provides a range of marine surveys (e.g.: damage & repair, condition, pre-purchase, etc.) for marine crafts of all types and sizes (e.g.: fiberglass, wooden, steel, etc.). The uniqueness of the company is reflected in its depth and breadth of competencies which enable the business to respond in a way that appeals to a diverse range of clients.When asked for one piece of advice to give to aspiring entrepreneurs, Anthony answered with the following:

“Pay a lot of attention to cashflow because no matter how viable your business model is you will need to sustain sufficient working capital to survive and that is probably going to be the biggest risk on start up.”

If you have an idea, passion or dream why wait? Incorporate!

Company formations made simple

For more information on Derry Connell Marine: you require advice or information on forming your company do not hesitate to visit our site or contact our formations team at 020 8429 9245.

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