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When you set up a company, there are a number of potential routes that you can take in order to complete the company formation process.  If you have decided that it would be beneficial for a professional to complete the company formation for you, there are two main choices; using a company formation agent or using business accountants. There are pros and cons to each option which should be considered when you register a company. There are many benefits of using a company formation agent to help you to set up a company. One of the key ones is that it is very competitively priced. Certain company formation agents charge as little as £24.99 to process the formation with Companies House.  Another positive point is that most company formation agents use an online company formation application system which should make it quick and simple for you to fill in the necessary information required to register a company.  The best ones will also be able to talk you through the process and assist you with any queries you might have along the way. acra_logo A Chartered Accountant will typically charge more than a company formation agent to set up a company.  This is because business accountants will not only charge for the basic cost of the company formation but also for the amount of their time this takes.  This means that the total cost is likely to be in the region of £150-£300. Nevertheless, by using a Chartered Accountant to register a company you will be getting advice from a qualified professional who will be aware of all of the regulatory requirements and can provide advice about other services you may require after company registration such as VAT and PAYE registration. Wisteria Formations are one of the few company formation agents that are part of a firm of Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisers. This means that if you set up a company with Wisteria Formations, you can benefit from advice from Wisteria Chartered Accountants in the form of a consultation meeting after your company formation. As well as having this benefit, you are only paying the cost expected of company formation agents. If you would like to know about the service provided by our company formation agents please call our company formation support team on 0844 8951 6347 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

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