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Companies House Make Limited Partnership Documents Available Online

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As of 7th April 2014 Companies House have announced that they will make Limited Partnership documents available for online download, as is currently available for other entities, such as private limited companies.

Limited Partnerships are a business form as established in the Limited Partnership Act 1907. Under a limited partnership at least one of the partners must have unlimited liability relating to the actions of the partnership , these are “general partners”.

However, unlike traditional partnerships, some of the partners are able to limit their liability to the amount contributed upon joining the partnership, these are “limited partners”. 

This form of entity was created in order to ensure that investors who were not involved in the day-to-day running of a partnership were able to invest in a business without taking on the associated liability in terms of running it.

As such, the structure is designed to exclude partners with limited liability from the management of the business and they usually are unable to enter into contracts on behalf of the partnership.

As with limited companies, limited partnerships are registered with the Registrar, Companies House.

Therefore to align the services that Companies House offer with their services for other entities the change is being made to the provision of online documents.

Any limited partnership document filed from 7th April 2014 will be available for download. Previous documents will be available for download upon request. The documents typically available are:

  • LP5 - Application for Registration of a Limited Partnership

  • LP6 - Statement specifying the nature of a change in the Limited Partnership

For more information on Limited Partnerships and the changes to the Companies House database please visit the Companies House website. If you require assistance with your Limited Partnership’s accounts, tax and company secretarial matters please contact us.

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