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Now that you have successfully incorporated your new business, the next step would be for you to go out and focus on growing your business. After all, this is where your strengths are most likely going to lie. However, with most roles/jobs in today’s world there will always be the more mundane administrative side of running a business which will always need to be completed sooner or later and can take up much of your valuable time. Putting these tasks off is only going to cause more trouble in the long run and as such, it is always important to stay on top of any admin tasks. Here we find out how companies such as Wisteria Ltd can take away this headache and hassle away from your hands to free you up to push your business forward.

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During the incorporation process (whether you used Wisteria Formations or another company formation agent), one of the questions that should have been asked would be where you wanted the company’s registered office to be. As the business is your own, the default position is likely to be to put your own home address down without any further thought. One large issue with this is that as soon as you use your home address as the company’s registered office, this is then publicly available as it will be displayed on the Companies House’s website for all to see. Therefore, if you for some reason, provide a bad piece of consultancy service, or a deliver a poor item to a customer, then they could very easily find out where you live and knock on your door at 5am on a Saturday morning. It might also be that your mortgage or rental agreement prohibits you from operating your business from your home, It is therefore strongly recommended that business owners do not use their own address as the company’s registered office and use a service such as the one offered by Wisteria. This way the only address that your ‘angry’ customers would see is Wisteria’s address and you don’t have to worry about those dreaded Saturday morning disturbances.


Given that you now want to grow your business, the last thing that is on your mind would typically be ‘did I open the post?’ Again, by using a registered office such as the one offered by Wisteria, the issue and hassle of sifting through paper and incoming post can be handled on your behalf. Every time a letter from HMRC or Companies House comes in, this will be electronically scanned and sent to you by email. Not only would this save you time personally doing this, but it also means that you are no longer required to retain the physical piece of paper. This is because it will be electronically stored on one of our secure online servers. If there other administrative requirements that you and your business had (for example printing mass outgoing letters or processing and banking consumer cheques), then this can also be catered for by Wisteria’s Back Office and Administrative team. This will take away all of the more laborious and time consuming tasks that would take up too much of your valuable time which enables you to focus on what you and your business are really good at – winning more business! If you want to find out more about how Wisteria’s Back Office and Administration Team could assist you and your growing business going forward, then please do contact us on 020 8429 9245 or email [email protected]. Remember, the more admin we do on your behalf, the more time you have to grow!

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