6 Reasons Why Every Accountancy Business Should Blog

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Some accountancy firms are still showing reluctance to create a blog. Often the unwillingness stems from claims such as, “I don’t have time for blogging”, “Blogging isn’t relevant to accounting” or even “What is a blog?”. It’s now time to ditch those excuses and hop on the blogging bandwagon, who knows where it may take you? 1. 60% of businesses who blog acquire more clients According to a recent Hubspot survey clients view business blogs as a valuable source of information, which has a positive effect in building trust between the company and the client. 2. Blogging gives your business a voice Blogging acts as a platform for promotion, allowing you to talk about new services. It is in effect a source of free PR, posts can be shared across social media platforms generating greater engagement and exposure. It also allows you to communicate core branding messaging and allows clients an insight into business life. 3. Your blog fuels SEO Valuable content and the subsequent interaction it receives, will help your website to rank higher in search engine results. Google places high value on sites that become an authority in their field, rewarding quality content and great interaction as a result. Regular, fresh content will ensure Google continues to value your sight favourably. 4. Blogging helps you engage and get to know your clients The more you know about your target audience the better. By engaging and asking questions through blogging you can find inspiration in what could be a future service to meet your clients’ requirements. 5. Humanise your brand with a blog Insights into your thoughts or the office make your business appear friendly and welcoming, rather than stuffy and corporate. A personal story, anecdote or snaps of office life and culture go a long way in building a relationship with your customers. Personal touches add warmth to a business and a spark of difference, something that is crucial in a saturated online world. 6. Blogging takes less time than you think! Think you have no time for blogging? You already will have written many blog posts without realising. For example, any content you send out in email newsletters can be expanded on and posted in your blog, which readers can subscribe to. This way all content for your consumer is centralised in one place, rather than temporarily seen in an email newsletter and then deleted. Blogs help you think about your business and industry from different perspectives and help you link to relevant topical subjects that happen every day in the world around us. It also allows for any member of the team to contribute, showcasing the talents and skills of your colleagues. In the case of blogging, it’s all about keeping your audience informed, entertained and engaged. It’s about creating links from your business world into your customers’ world and then to the wider world around us. By keeping a broad awareness of the happenings occurring in your industry and beyond, you will be able to keep ahead of industry trends and provide a better service to your customers. Blogging is a win, win method of succeeding in the online world and promoting your business. Blogging platforms and trends are continually evolving so make sure you start blogging for your business to blossom. How has blogging boosted your accountancy business? Share your stories of blogging boom!

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