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If you're working in a start-up or a small business, the environment will be high-paced, exciting, and innovative. While it's incredibly important to do something you love, we know that you also need to make a living and maintain sound finances. Seek some expert small business tax advice and allow your new business to soar.

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Our understanding

When running a small company, it is important to ensure that you’re not paying more tax than you should be.  Ensuring that you pay the correct, but lowest amount of tax possible is an important part of the compliance a business needs to undertake. The legislation surrounding tax returns and small business VAT can be complex, so make the most of our expert services and bespoke advice. Getting your corporate tax returns wrong can end in penalties and missed opportunities that regular tax advice can alert you to.

It is important for every business owner to know that they are paying the lowest amount of tax they can within the law. This is the case even if you do not feel confident checking your small business tax calculation yourself. After all, the less tax that is paid, the more money is available to reinvest in the business.

Wisteria is a firm of chartered tax advisers, meaning we have specialist tax expertise. We provide high quality and specialist tax advice in all areas of corporate taxation. Find out how you can benefit from our specialist knowledge today.

How we can help

Here at Wisteria, we can help you deal with the return and reviewing your affairs to spot potential opportunities as they arise.

Wisteria’s small business tax services include:

  • Completion of Corporation Tax returns and filing requirements
  • Capital Allowance claims and reviews
  • R&D Tax Relief claims
  • Fund raising via tax efficient schemes such as SEIS and EIS
  • Advice in relation to tax-efficient drawings, minimising the tax bills of owner-managers
  • Payroll services
  • VAT advice and registration

Dealing with complex tax enquiries or investigations

Wisteria’s tax department offers a proactive service, where we will attempt to review your position on a regular basis. We will highlight potential opportunities as early as possible, thereby making the most of every opportunity.

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Meet the expert

Richard became a director of Wisteria in 2018 and responsible for the Tax department. His clients vary from individuals to partnerships and Limited Companies. Since becoming a Chartered Tax Adviser in 2015, he has grown his client base to individuals and corporations within the UK as well as those based in South East Asia.

His main focus lies in those individuals who are UK resident/Non-resident with non-UK domiciled issues to High-Net-Worth Individuals who own residential and commercial properties within the UK.


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What makes Wisteria different?

Specialist tax and business advisers like no other

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    We seek out opportunities

    While working on your tax affairs, we seek out opportunities for you to further develop. We’re with you every step of the way.

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    We aim to keep you in the loop

    We aim to keep you fully in the loop, discussing developments and new options with you, as part of regular meetings.

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    You're in safe hands

    We give you peace of mind, your tax return is dealt with in good time, and each opportunity is identified and implemented.

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    Long term relationship

    By developing long-term relationships with clients, our tax return services work alongside the tax advice we provide.