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Audits for Small Businesses and Start-ups

Small business audits can be powerful tools for growth, even when they are not required by law. Even if you are not obliged to conduct a statutory audit for your SME, a thorough audit from a trusted provider can help to deliver improved transparency and strong corporate governance, as well as helping to identify growth opportunities and make your business more robust. Contact Wisteria today to see how an audit could help your small business.

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What makes Wisteria different?

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    During the audit process we will seek to suggest ideas, solutions, and insights to any issues you might encounter and provide recommendations to your control environment as part of our added-value proposition.

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    Clear, concise, and pro-active communication

    We will pro-actively keep you in the loop and ensure open communication of audit progress including early warning on any emerging issues. There will be no late surprises!

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    Audit Quality

    Our audit experts bring a breadth of knowledge and experience to the process. High audit quality is at the heart of what we do, which gives you peace of mind that the audit process is being delivered to high standards, agreed upon timetable and your expectation.

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    Collaborative longstanding relationship

    We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, which results in longstanding relationships that are built on trust and integrity with a team that is adaptable to your immediate needs and future growth ambitions.

Meet the expert

Barry leads the Audit & Assurance department at the firm having significant experience providing statutory and non-statutory audit services across a wide variety of client sizes and sectors. Barry also has significant expertise in financial reporting, general accounting and financial advice.

Prior to joining Wisteria, Barry had nearly 15 years of experience working in Central London and the City. Barry trained at Alliotts LLP and post-qualification moved to Grant Thornton UK LLP where he gained a further 10 years of experience delivering high quality national and international audits.


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Our understanding

Business audits aren’t just a distraction or a hindrance to the day-to-day operations. We aim to provide you with a service that is far more than that. Here at Wisteria, we will assist you in identifying issues within systems and ensure that your business remains compliant with sufficient checks and safeguards in place to protect against unexpected issues.

We have a small number of clients who don’t meet the legal requirements to require an audit, but they choose to do so for transparency and as good corporate governance. This is a good idea if your business is fast-growing and a sale or fundraising round is likely in 1-3 years.

In addition, there may be regulatory reasons why your business requires an audit. For example, if you’re operating a client account (e.g. solicitors), certain financial services businesses, or charities.

How we can help

Of course, no matter what the scenario, it is natural to hope that the audit process causes minimal distraction for your finance team. Effective communication is key to minimise disruption. At the outset, we will define the objectives and agree on a realistic timetable which will highlight key stages and deliverables.

During the audit itself, we will bring your attention to significant issues as they arise. At the conclusion, we will report on any weaknesses in your systems and make recommendations that will prevent fraud and error.

Our small business audits are based on a risk assessment of the business. This way, our work will be tightly focussed on the areas of most significance or those that have the greatest risk of error.

Our team has experience working with a wide variety of sectors. Together with a deep understanding of your business, this will ensure that your small business audit is not only compliant with UK and International standards of accounting, but it will also add value to your business.