Non-Resident Capital Gains Tax

Non-Resident Capital Gains Tax (CGT) rules have changed dramatically over the past few years and this can often cause a lot of confusion for individuals. Due to this, it is important to ensure you stay up to date and take the correct advice to get your tax position correct.

Most common changes

Prior to April 2015, non-residents of the UK would pay no CGT upon the disposal of UK based assets. This changed when HM Revenue and Customs brought UK residential property into the scope of UK CGT. Therefore, many individuals who previously had no tax exposure here when disposing assets are now caught within UK tax.

Not only this, but the rates and reporting requirements have changed with residential properties still being assessed to tax of up to 28%. There are also additional non-resident capital gains tax declarations that are required soon after completion which many will not be aware of.

Ultimately, it is important to choose the correct tax advisers to ensure you remain compliant with your UK tax reporting requirements.  It is also essential that you stay on top of your declarations and pay the correct amount of tax.

Planning for the future

Not only is it vital that you  remain up-to-date with changes in tax law, but it is also useful to plan ahead in order to minimise any possible UK tax exposure you may have.

It is well worth speaking with one of our experts to see how best to minimise your UK Capital Gains Tax exposure. This way you will maximise what you and your family can realise on any transactions in the UK.

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