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E-commerce businesses have specific requirements and challenges.  We understand that such businesses need an accountant and tax adviser who understands their business and works with them to deliver an efficient and modern service.

Whilst we provide a full range of services to e-commerce businesses, our focus tends to involve:

  • R&D Tax credits – a key tax incentive which if optimised can achieve enhanced tax deductions of 230% of the relevant spend. This is key in the growth stages of the business, since R&D spend can be high.
  • Integrating e-commerce platforms with accounting systems – knowing how your business is performing is key and having a system in place which you and your accountant can access instantly from anywhere can often be advantageous.
  • VAT advice – particularly to those businesses selling direct to consumers, the VAT and related issues are complex and need the input of an expert. Having a plan in place for managing the EU wide VAT requirements is a key part of the initial set up.
  • Assisting with the set up or re-negotiation of merchant account services.
  • Fundraising for future growth and development – we work with businesses looking to raise capital, often through crowd funding. We sit between the company and crowd funding provider, supporting the client to achieve approval for listing on the site and during and after the fundraising phase.
  • Making introductions to other businesses in the sector that have opened up new sales channels for our clients.

Wisteria act for over 230 companies involved in e-commerce.

Please contact us for more information about our specialised services