Wisteria Chartered Accountants Short-listed for prestigious “Community Award”.

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For the second year in a row, Wisteria has been short-listed, as a finalist for a prestigious British Accountancy Award. Last year they achieved ‘Finalist’ status in the “Independent Accountancy firm of the year” category for their area and this year they have been short-listed for the “Community Award” as a result of their outstanding work with a local charity “Choices 4 all”. A British Accountancy Award is highly valued within the accountancy sector and consecutive nominations for the finals speaks volumes for Wisteria’s excellent reputation within the industry and the Community Award highlights the company’s strong social conscience and progressive corporate culture. “Choices 4 All” is a non-profit-making organisation which helps people with disabilities and learning difficulties to gain self-confidence and independence via skills training, a job club and work placements. Wisteria have been delighted to work in partnership with ‘Choices4All’. They have supported the charity with over 200 hours of free staff time, helping them run their business more cost-effectively and significantly reducing their running costs. For example, they helped the charity find new offices this year and led the negotiations with the new landlords to secure a 50% reduction in rental costs, as compared to the advertised rate. This was a fantastic achievement, delivering huge benefits to the charity and its clients. The Wisteria Tax team recommended to the Board of ‘Choices4All’ that they implement the ‘Gift Aid’ system in order to maximise the income they receive from donations. The Board agreed to this recommendation and were grateful for Wisteria’s enthusiastic support with the implementation plan. Wisteria oversaw the implementation and (amongst other things) produced the marketing communications material to help donors understand the benefits of signing up to ‘Gift aid’. Over the past twelve months, 11 of the 18 staff members at Wisteria have worked directly with ‘Chioces4all’. Most received special training from the tutors at ‘Choices4all’ on how to interact with learners and how to make them feel at ease. This training has proved to be a good life-skill to the recipients, being directly transferable to the Wisteria workplace when dealing with clients that don’t have English as their first language or when dealing with their own staff who have disabilities. As a consequence of Wisteria fantastic support, ‘Choices4All’ have been able to make significant investments in their core-business – helping more local people overcome their disabilities and to integrate into their communities. The CEO at Choices4All, is absolutely delighted with the support they have received from Wisteria. “They are wonderful to work with” she said, “they are excellent at what they do and have removed all the hassle for us. I score them 9 out of 10 for customer satisfaction!” Wisteria was established 13 years ago. It is a small firm of Chartered Accountants, tax and business advisers, recently relocated to Pinner in NW London. They have over 500 clients and in a recent Customer Satisfaction Survey they scored Wisteria 8.7 out of 10 for ‘Overall Satisfaction with the service”, highlighting Wisteria’s exceptional expertise and responsiveness. The British Accountancy Award ceremony will take place on November 24th, at the London Brewery.

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