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Company Formation Case Study: Avsec Resilience

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Avsec Resilience Limited is an aviation risk management consultancy company. The business was founded by Stephen Ackroyd, the ex-Former Head of Aviation Security for British Midland International.

After the business [British Midland International] was sold and absorbed into British Airways I was offered a simple choice: transfer across into a new company or start my own. I went for the latter and never looked back. I was curious and had a feeling that the path less trodden would deliver higher returns, both professionally and as a business owner.” ~ Stephen Ackroyd

Consequently, Stephen got in contact with us, and with the help of our Formations Team, his company was incorporated in 2013.

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By purchasing our “Comprehensive” package, Stephen was able to incorporate his company in two days with all his company documents sent to him both electronically and by post. Furthermore, his package enabled him to use our Wisteria address as his UK Registered Office Address, keeping his home address off the public record. Lastly, the package granted him a consultation meeting with our tax advisers who provided him with extensive advice regarding compliance, regulatory, tax and accounting matters. As of 2017, Avsec Resilience’s goal is to deliver a quality consultancy product to further advance their clients business needs.  The company holds innovation as one of their core values in order to provide every client with a current and high tech business. The unique quality of Avsec Resilience’s customer service and products translates into the business retaining its consumer base and continuing to grow strongly.

Advice for budding entrepreneurs

When asked what insight he had to give to entrepreneurs wishing to open their own business, Stephen replied with a simple acronym:

FAIL (First Attempt in Learning); it is part of your road to success. You don’t know what you don’t know and your ability to want to learn and adapt will give you the skill set to overcome and evolve as a business. Lastly, self-belief in your own ability and support from your family and friends will get you through the door of starting a company, than it’s the adaptability to the moving business environment which will support the evolution of your business plan.

If you have an idea, passion or dream why wait? Incorporate! For more information on Avsec Resilience visit:

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