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Whilst the effects of Covid 19 have had a mixed impact on business, businesses need to be aware that Covid 19 is going to have a bearing on our accounts for some years to come.  Areas that that companies will need to consider are:

  • Asset impairment – directors will need to consider any impairment and be mindful that the uncertainty of Covid 19 may detrimentally impact the economic value and benefit of its assets.

  • Accounting for Government grants – companies will need to continue to analyse out the grant and disclose this separately.

  • Going concern – directors will need to assess if Covid 19 is likely to have a impact on the companies ability to continue as a going concern.

  • Dividends – companies will need to consider their ability to pay interim and final dividends; and what impact this may have on its dividend policy.

  • Provisions – companies will need to carefully consider if provisions are needed. Specifically bad debt provisions; early termination of leases; legal fees; and redundancy costs.

  • Deferred tax – companies should reassess the likelihood if tax assets are realistically going to materialise.

  • Revenue recognition – with changes in sales policies and especially returns and refunds caused by Covid 19 then companies should consider if this may impact the manner in which companies recognise revenue.

  • Accounting policies – directors will need to review their accounting policies given the shift in direction that many companies have taken. Such policies will need to updated.  Where a change I policy would have impacted last years comparative figures then a prior year adjustment may be needed.

  • Disclosures – clarity and transparency should be considered especially if the numbers have been materially skewed by Covid 19.

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