Switch Accountants

Firms of Accountants are not all the same. Whilst they may have similar qualifications, their experience and knowledge will be different.

Many accountants will deliver the service in different ways, which are suited to different parts of the market place.  An elderly client without access to a computer wants everything by post, whereas most business owners prefer documents sent by email.

There are a whole host of reasons why you might want to switch accountants, such as:

  • Your accountant doesn’t have the knowledge to advise you on complex areas, such as in relation to tax or audit.
  • All filings are completed at the last minute and cause undue stress and headache.
  • They don’t understand your business so can’t provide helpful strategic advice.
  • They are not approachable or proactive.
  • Their service does not seem able to change as your business needs change.
  • You are unhappy with fees and the way you are charged for services.
  • You never seem to talk to the right person often enough for your accountant to be an asset for you and your business, rather than simply a cost.

Many individuals or businesses may be feeling this about their own accountant, but are concerned about switching due to a number of perceived issues.  See our FAQ’s on switching accounts for more information.

Perhaps you have already decided to switch, or perhaps you just want to find out what your options are.  Either way, please contact us to discuss how we can help or to find out more about the process.  All enquiries are confidential.

The whole team at Wisteria provide themselves on providing a high quality, expert and proactive service to all of our clients.  More than that, we are friendly, fun and easy to work with.  After all your accountant should be your number one adviser!