Business Consultancy Services for Small Business

We understand that starting and developing a business is a challenge. You don’t always know the next steps or where to turn. Since 2002, we have been working with small businesses to help push them forward. Those businesses are in the early stage, but always are driven, well-funded and have ambitious growth plans.

About Our Small Business Consulting Services

Making the right strategic decisions is paramount for any business. The direction and success of the business is dependent upon this and it is your responsibility to make the correct decision. Such strategic decisions could be:

  • Do you diversify your service?
  • Is your company structured correctly?
  • How do we maximise value?
  • How do I achieve the growth I need?
  • What’s the best way to raise funding/investment?
  • Do I have the right mix of skills within my team and when should I invest?

All these decisions and more require careful analysis, prioritisation, consideration of the impact, financial planning and execution.

We understand inviting an outsider in can be difficult, but having seen the benefits that so many of our clients have received.  The service is provided by our most experienced staff, usually at director level.  They have the experience of running or consulting for many businesses, including in sectors such as: Recruitment, Media, Bio-tech, Telecoms, Retail & Wholesale, Leisure and Financial Services.

Wisteria can assist you. Our service is usually delivered in one of two ways:

  • Business consultancy – typically responding to an issue or working on a defined project.  We meet with you to understand the particular project, it’s aims and challenges.  We then work together over a period of days and weeks to push forward and complete the project.
  • Regular meetings – where typically we meet with you periodically (normally monthly or quarterly) and we review the performance of the company together.  Our role is often about asking the ‘difficult’ questions and then helping the business owners to figure out the next steps.

Are you looking for strategic planning for your business?

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