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Property Accountant Services

The tax and accountancy rules for landlords and property investors are changing. More and more landlords realise that having a property accountant or tax adviser to support them is key to ensuring they stay compliant and also minimise their tax bill. There are many very good general firms out there but having someone we a specialism adds greater value.

Property Accountant London

Landlords have more tax and account issues than ever to consider, including:

1. Changes in mortgage interest relief for landlords

2. Increased stamp duty charges

3. Removal of Wear & Tear allowances

4. A change in the rules for the cost of replacing furniture etc

5. An increasing number of property tax investigations driven by HMRC access to new fata sources

We understand that most small landlords want to get the most out of their long-term property investment, whilst paying the least amount of tax legally possible.

How We Can Help


As property accountants, we have been supporting landlords to manage their property tax issues for over 16 years.  We understand the marketing place, what’s changing and what the opportunities are for the future.  This means we can provide relevant, accurate, and ‘jargon free’ advice on property accounting and tax issues.

We support many landlords with one property, as well as larger family groups with up to 100 properties.  We simply customise our service to exactly what you need.  Usually, as property accountants, our service includes:

– Preparation of tax returns for individuals or corporate property owners

– Advising on structuring and tax minimisation

– Supporting landlords dealing with tax problems of property tax investigations

– Planning for the growth and sale of property businesses

– On-going management of the accounting for property portfolios

– Inheritance tax planning for property investors

So why choose us?

We are property accountants and property tax experts.  We understand your needs and requirements and how we can assist you in the best possible way.  Years of experience in the property sector mean that we know the common problems faced by landlords and how best to deal with them

For more information, contact us for a discussion about how we can help.

Are you looking for property accountant specialists?

Get in touch with us, and a member of the Wisteria property management accounting team would be happy to get in touch.