Exit strategy planning

Preparing for an exit

A successful and financially rewarding exit will require planning at least two years ahead of time.

There is absolutely no substitute for being prepared when planning for an exit.  Wisteria have assisted a huge array of clients to achieve a successful exit.

It is not good enough to have just good financial results; or to have good product.  To optimise the chances of a successful exit a number of components need to come together:

  • Strong business plan and story (history, current standing and prospects)
  • Selecting the right accounting policies
  • Ensuring that your tax position is correct
  • Being ready for due diligence

Wisteria’s multi-disciplinary team understand the challenges and understand what the expectation is.

Our approach is to:

  • Understand your business and where it is at
  • Understand your personal objectives
  • Get a feel for the market and who may be a potential acquirer
  • Critically review the accounts, processes and policies and plan any necessary required changes.
  • Review the current structure and assist with any necessary changes
  • Ensure that there is a realistic and robust plan
  • Review tax position of shareholders and build strategy around minimising tax exposure.
  • Get ready for due diligence – run through our 100 point check list.

Our team is made up of qualified professionals as well as those with real life experience of business.

Even for our clients that later decide to not exit, the process of tidying matters up and putting in place good processes and policies adds significant value and operational benefit.

To discuss how Wisteria can help you achieve a successful exit then please contact us.