Back Office Services for Mature Businesses

Dealing with administration can be a drain on any business. Find out how Wisteria can support you with the day-to-day back end services to keep your business running correctly.

About our back office services

Dealing with administration can be a drain on any business.  All businesses have times when they see a spike in administration work, or tasks which are not efficient for them to deal with in house.  Rather than trying to manage, or creating a backlog, or dragging in staff from elsewhere, using a third party provider is usually the most efficient use of resources.


We began offering back office support services a number of years ago, primarily due to demand from existing clients. We were asked to help out with a number of tasks.  These were completed successfully and efficiently and so we received more and more requests.


This soon resulted in us attracting clients looking for back office support services on a standalone basis where they wanted to permanently outsource tasks to us.  As a firm of Chartered Accountants, we understand that the little things are important and a focus on getting things right first time is important.
We now provide back office support services to over three hundred and fifty companies, each of whom have varying requirements and request different levels of service.


Wisteria’s back office services for companies include:

Wisteria’s back office support services for companies includes:

  • Acting as registered office for Companies House purposes
  • Receiving and processing post
  • Receiving, logging and banking payments or cheques received
  • Sending out letters or marketing materials
  • Scanning and storing large quantities of paperwork
  • Secure document archiving & destruction
  • Data entry

In most cases, our services can be customised to meet your requirements, whether you have a one-off task or regular requirement.

For a discussion about how we can help to take away the admin ‘headache’, please contact us.

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