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Media & Technology

We understand that media and technology businesses need an accountant and tax adviser who understands their business and works with them to deliver an efficient and modern service.

The focus of where we add most value depends on the stage of the business, the skills of the business owners and directors, and the industry concerned.  However, there are a number of key areas where we are often required:

  • Preparing a business plan to map out the progress and cash flow requirements, not only at the start-up phase, but when seeking funding or when considering long term growth ambitions. This often involves us helping with crowd funding and we have helped many clients to successfully achieve funding in this area.
  • R&D Tax credits – a key tax incentive which if optimised can achieve enhanced tax deductions of 230% of the relevant spend. This is key in growth stages of the business, since R&D spend can be high.
  • Integrating cloud based accounting systems – knowing how your business is performing is key and having a system in place which you and your accountant can access instantly from anywhere can often be advantageous.
  • Business consultancy – our experience in this industry means that we can add significant value to entrepreneur’s who often are new to running their own company, or perhaps the business has grown to a size that is unfamiliar.
  • VAT advice – particularly to those businesses selling technology products online to consumers, the VAT and related issues are complex and need the input of an expert.
  • Making introductions to other businesses in the sector that have opened up new sales channels for our clients.

Wisteria act for over 250 companies in the media and technology industries.

Please contact us for more information about our specialised services.