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Business Tips


Some entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that they can handle running their entire business on their own and are unwilling to reach out to others for help. Being in business at the start-up level does require a lot of work and for the owner to take on a lot of tasks, but this also must be realistic with what can be accomplished during work hours. Hiring extra personnel can allow you to focus on expanding your business, its efficiency and its market presence whilst enabling you to enjoy your business rather than feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of keeping it afloat.

Your business plan needs to detail your own background and skills and the structure and key skills of both your management team and your staff. It should identify the strengths in your team and your plans to deal with any obvious weaknesses.  If you’re looking to satisfy your bank manager or other investors you need to demonstrate that your management team has the right balance of skills, drive and experience to enable your business to succeed. Key skills include sales, marketing and financial management as well as production, operational and market experience.

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