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Notice Periods for Company Meetings

The rules for the length of notice required for company meetings differ depending on the type of meeting and the type of company.

Board meetings need only be held on reasonable notice. The length of the notice may vary according to the size of the company and can be agreed by the directors accordingly.


Conversely, shareholder meetings, also known as general meetings have fixed requirements with regards to notice as per s.307 of the Companies Act 2006. The requirements are as follows:

  • A general meeting of a private limited company requires notice of 14 days
  • A general meeting of a public limited company requires notice of 14 days
  • An Annual General meeting (AGM) of a public limited company requires notice of 21 days

The notice periods can be extended for a general meeting if the company deems this to be appropriate. However if the company wishes to shorten the period to less than the statutory minimum, approval from 90% of shareholders for private limited companies and 95% of shareholders for public limited companies is required. A public company’s AGM notice cannot be shortened.

Additional rules may apply depending on the business of the general meeting, for example if removing a director special notice of 28 days is needed. If you require assistance calling a company meeting please contact the company secretarial team on 0207 871 9457.