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Do I need to complete a tax return? What is Self Assessment?

In the UK, you may be required to prepare an individual self assessment tax return for a number of reasons.  This return applies to individuals, normally where they receive income which is not fully taxed at source.

Common reasons why you may need to complete a return include:

  • Individuals who are self employed, partners in a partnership, or directors of a limited company.
  • Individuals who have rental income from property.
  • Individuals who made a capital gain in the tax year from the sale of an asset, such as a property, shares or the sale of a business.
  • Individuals earning over £100,000 pa.
  • Individuals who receive income without the deduction of tax, for example gross interest.

The self assessment tax return needs to be completed covering a tax year.  In the UK the tax year runs from 6th April to the following 5th April.  The deadline for filing a tax return is 31st January following, if the return is filed online.

Individuals are not required to use a tax advisor to file their return, although a large number of people do so.  You may choose to use a tax advice specialist if you have complex affairs, or are unsure about the requirements.

Whilst anyone can prepare a return without needing any special form of qualification, it is normally recommended that you engaged a Chartered Tax Adviser or Tax Technician to help you, since these individuals have specialist tax qualifications.

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