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Business Tips

Investors want to know your Exit Strategy

If you are intending to present your business plan to investors they will want to see your plans for exiting the business. It may seem strange to develop an exit strategy to leave your business at this point in time, but potential investors will want to know your long-term plans and how you intend for them to recoup the capital they would invest.


Your exit plans need to be clear in your own mind because they will dictate how you operate the company and inform day-to-day management decisions. For instance, if your aim is to sell to a competitor, you would focus business activity on making your business more attractive to them. You may also wish to establish a benchmark for deciding your own exit, which could include reaching a particular financial figure or market reaction.

For more information on exit strategies or what needs to be included in a business plan please visit www.wisteriabusinessplans.co.uk or send an e-mail to businessplans@wisteria.co.uk.