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Intellectual Property

For companies with creative assets, it is important to consider intellectual property rights after incorporation.

All creative assets with recognised rights are known as intellectual property. Some examples include:

  • music
  • pictures
  • technologies
  • written business plans
  • inventions
  • company logos

There are various types of intellectual property rights which protect different types of assets. Trademarks, Copyright and Patents are the most common.

Trademarks can be legally registered for in order to protect assets such as images, branding, company logos or company names. If your company’s brand is unique, trademarks can help you to take legal action against those who may try to copy this. These are only valid for a certain amount of time but can be renewed.

Copyright does not need to be registered and this helps to protect tangible assets including your music, picture or written business plan.  You can add ‘©’ to your asset to clarify that others don’t have the rights to it.

If you have created an invention, technology or type of medicine then you may need to register for a patent to avoid it being copied, sold, or used without your consent. Patents can also help you to take legal action if someone tries to copy your invention. There is a legal process to obtain a patent and the cost may be high.

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