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Business Tips

Hiring an external director

It is widely assumed that having a board of directors applies to public companies only; having one is actually more important for a start-up company as external directors could be the difference between make or break for a new company.

There are no rules that prohibit a start-up from appointing a board of external directors. Even if you are the only investor in the company, a board will benefit you tremendously. Nobody is an expert on all areas essential to successfully run a company and an entrepreneur may, for instance, not be the ideal person to handle finance and accounting.

Advantages of appointing external directors to your board:

  • Larger network giving you access to competent people you don’t yet know
  • Different perspectives
  • Wider knowledge base facilitating decisions
  • External know-how is a huge asset

If you are interested in Andrew Millet becoming an external director for your company please contact him on 020 8429 9245.