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Basic requirements to apply for a Tier 1(Entrepreneur) Visa

The basic requirements for the initial visa are:

  • You have £200,000 available to invest in the UK (or £100,000 if you are part of an Entrepreneurial Team of two business partners)
  • You can show a maintenance funds balance of  £900 (or £3,100 if outside UK) for 90 days prior to application
  • You have the required English language capability (either a National of a majority English speaking country, a holder of accepted English language degree or accredited English language test)

After 3 years, in order to secure the 2 year extension visa, you will need to show:

  • You were appointed as a Director of a UK company within 6 months
  • You have invested £200,000 in a UK business or businesses via equity or unsecured loan
  • Evidence that your investment has resulted in the creation of the equivalent of 2 full time jobs for 12 months

For information on Wisteria’s business plans to obtain a Visa please send an e-mail to businessplans@wisteria.co.uk or call one of our consultants on 020 8429 9245.

*Disclaimer – Wisteria are not immigration attorneys and therefore the above does not constitute any form of legal or immigration advice.*