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Tax for Companies / October 24th 2014

What is the VAT filing deadline?

For businesses that are registered for VAT, there are two parts of dealing with filing for VAT, filing of the VAT return and payment of the VAT liability due. All businesses will need to file VAT returns.  Most businesses will need to file a VAT return on a quarterly basis, however annual reporting is also possible in rare circumstances.  The VAT return due date will depend on a number of factors.  Your VAT quarter will be assigned to you by HMRC.   It can in fact be any month end and as a result will not automatically coincide with calendar quarters.  Should you wish, it is normally possible to change your VAT quarter by filling in the relevant HMRC form. These rules mean that you will be required to submit your VAT return no later than 7th of the month, in the second month after your VAT period ends.  This must be submitted online. For example, a VAT period ending on 30th September will mean the VAT return is due by 7th November. For more information on VAT, please contact Wisteria’s tax team on 020 8429 9245.

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