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August 23rd 2017 / BY: Wisteria

Charity Website Tips

Wisteria work with many charities to provide accounting, tax and audit services. There are common issues we see on a regular basis, one of which deals with website production.

Deferring the cost of a new website

If you happen to be considering updating your website, then if it contains an ecommerce element you may be able to capitalise the cost of it. This may be useful to consider if you are likely to be over budget this year.

For a charity, an ecommerce website would be one that:

  1. Sold products
  2. Sold membership, fees or tickets
  3. Took donations
  4. Transacted in any other way.

Getting an alternative quote

Website costs can often be a significant expense for charities.

One of Wisteria’s not for profit clients – Social Offshore Ltd builds websites and provides digital marketing services to the NGO sector. They are a UK company based in Manila. They are a great team. For more information on their services and how they can help you, contact Alex Catlin alex@thecoapperative.com.

About Wisteria

Wisteria has sector specialism in charities. Contact Andrew Millet should you want to discuss how Wisteria could assist you amillet@wisteria.co.uk or call 020 8429 9245.

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